Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Building Blocks and Proven Strategies for Delivering Effective Presentation in IT
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 4B
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A good IT presentation is not just about clean code. Many people struggle with live coding - both offline and online. What else is a problem with presentations in IT?

9 out of 10 programmers feel stage fright before public speaking. Some speak in a monotone, uniform voice and cannot capture the audience's attention, especially during online presentations. An attempt to relax the atmosphere and throw a joke often ends with the joke bouncing off the wall and hitting the presenter painfully.

Do you know such situations from IT conferences? I do, and that's why I'll show you the difference between good and bad presentations.

We will analyze 6 typical mistakes that are made during public speaking in the IT industry. Then, you will learn step by step instructions on how to avoid these mistakes.

I will demonstrate building blocks of a good presentation and proven process for creating presentations. It will be useful for both beginners and intermediate users.

Anna Prończuk-Omiotek
Anna PRO

Anna Prończuk-Omiotek, also known as AnnaPRO, is a marketing consultant, freelancer, speaker, and certified business trainer with over 10 years of experience in marketing and public speaking. She has a passion for working with the IT sector and helping them improve their presentation and public speaking skills.

On a daily basis, she helps companies increase the effectiveness of their online activities and create repeatable processes to reach their target customers. 

The list of satisfied customers includes over 300 companies and institutions, including:

✓ Allegro

✓ General Electric

✓ Mercedes-Benz

✓ Medicover

✓ Segafredo Zanetti

✓ Santander

Furthermore, Anna is a consultant and startup advisor who prepares entrepreneurs, including programmers, for business pitches and investor presentations. Her clients have won first place in startup competitions and gained funding of up to 1 million PLN.

With over 10,000 hours of workshops, training, and consulting in public speaking and marketing, Anna is also an academic lecturer at postgraduate studies and MBA programs at universities such as Kozminski University.

She speaks as an expert at English-speaking conferences, including ICERI in Seville (Spain) and Polish conferences like “I Love Marketing & Technology”,  where she was awarded for one of the best presentations. 

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