Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Robert Bogacki
Qurate Retail Group
Robert Bogacki is a Software Engineer experienced in implementing business logic on the backend side for the highly-scalable applications used by thousands of users. He has over 15 years of experience in software development field. Robert is passionate about the software development, architecture and agile methodologies. In recent projects at Qurate, Robert has been building Marketing Preference Center which handles marketing communication for different global QVC’s markets.At the conference, Robert will be presenting “All for one and one for all” with his 2 other coworkers. Presentation is about three perspectives on product development with scrum.

At dev / agile / product conferences software or product development using Scrum framework is almost always described from one perspective. Either it’s Developer(s) showing how to write code or Product Owner communicating requirements / identifying business value or Scrum Master trying to increase agility / transparency of work. This always gives you a limited view on the process in which whole Scrum team is heavily engaged.

            In this presentation three speakers – Dev, PO and SM - show 3600 view of real case software development using Scrum framework. In 30 min we will show how full stack development team was able to develop real digital products for QVC – one of the biggest video-commerce and e-commerce business in UK. You will be able to see how deliver value to your customers – from requirements gathering to coding to experimenting with new ways of working. We show how the focus on value delivered to the customer changed the way we work with business and among the developers and QAs within the Scrum Team. Only by having transparency around the work done by three Scrum roles, you will get the most out of the framework itself and your team.


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