Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

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When we think about security, we usually focus on backend applications and servers. They all get their safe spot within VPC or behind firewalls. Access is restricted by VPNs, systems are up to date and every action is audited ;)

But what about the frontend applications? A few years ago "frontend" was just a view generated by our backend servers, but now … we've moved toward Single Page Applications, with lots of Java Script and business logic moved there. We build it and allow anyone to run it. But what about their runtime environment? Is it secure? Is it up to date? How easily can it be hacked? 

In this presentation, I want to show you, that YES! - we should care about runtime for our frontends! I’ll also show how to use mechanisms build into the browsers that can help us, secure our users.

Jacek Marmuszewski
Let's Go DevOps

Jacek Marmuszewski - DevSecOps with over ten years of experience building and managing cloud infrastructure. He worked for companies like Sabre and Oracle on mission-critical systems. He also had his share in startups, where as an early joiner, he promoted DevOps culture and advocated cloud-native architecture.

Recently he co-founded Let’s Go DevOps company, where he helps others with designing, building, and maintaining cloud-native applications and infrastructure. He’s a big fan of cloud transformation and helps others leverage its full potential by picking the right components for the job

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