Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Kadi Grigg
Kadi is passionate about the DevOps / DevSecOps community since her days of working with COBOL development and Mainframe solutions. At Sonatype, she collaborates with developers and security researchers and hosts the Wicked Good Development, a podcast about the future of open source. When she's not working with the developer community, she loves running, traveling, and playing with her dog Milo.

Fires, floods, storms, and famine. These are just a few examples of events where advanced warning is key. However, in the modern era where software is king, how does one plan for a cyber attack? Warning systems are often viewed as complex networks of components intended to reduce the risk of disastrous events. However it is these often complex systems, that once understood, can be not only life saving but life changing. 

Early warning detection systems have come a long way: from the ringing of church bells, Paul Revere using his famously lit lantern to alert that “the British are coming,” to the life-changing magic of credit card fraud detection, we have seen the value in warning systems and how they have evolved over time.

Knowing the integrity of components and providing suitable metrics to developers is incredibly useful in our current world of rapid deployment times combined with highly stable architectures. Through years of observation, I have learned that knowing what components you are using upfront, based on reliable data, can make or break your reputation.

Come to this talk to learn why data quality matters, what signals you should be listening to, and how to best protect yourself from an ever-changing threat landscape.


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