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Damian Gałka
I am an enthusiastic engineer with a decade of commercial experience and a passion for tackling difficult tasks and assisting others in problem-solving. My experience spans many industries and business areas, and I have worked on projects of all sizes and complexities. I take pleasure in every stage of the software lifecycle, from the initial planning and design, to the final deployment and maintenance. Additionally, I had the pleasure of giving lectures and leading practical exercises about CICD as part of Sabre Academy's 2017 edition. I am Cloud Architect and DevOps certified by Google.
Memory leaks in Java Apps running in GKE
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This case study outlines how Java/DevOps engineers can avoid problems with memory when planning a migration from on-prem to cloud and adopting containerization. A memory leak issue was encountered in a Java application deployed in GKE after its migration from on-premises to the cloud. This issue caused the application to gradually consume more and more memory over time, leading to decreases in performance and crashes. The root cause of the problem was traced outside of the JVM memory management, to the way memory is allocated inside the Standard C library and the size of malloc arenas. To troubleshoot this issue, the steps described in Brice Dutheil's articles "Off-heap memory reconnaissance" and "Handling native memory fragmentation of glibc" were followed. Through this case study, Java/DevOps engineers can gain insight into how they can avoid memory-related issues when planning a migration from on-prem to cloud and adopting containerization.


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