Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Large Language Models are not Large Language Models
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Most of us consider Large Language Models as being engines for advanced chatbots. However, it is only part of the story. LLMs are, in fact, universal computers that run on natural language. We can think about them as computers that can execute programs encoded in the most advanced programming language -- natural language. This perspective opens up possibilities and applications for LLMs beyond chatbots and information retrieval systems. We can harness their potential in many fields by treating them as basic blocks of advanced Agents. 

Leszek Bukowski

After my PhD, I began teaching at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technologies, focusing on Advanced Graphs Analysis and Natural Language Processing. I have been advising and supporting companies in implementing intelligent backend solutions, chatbots and neural search engines. My expertise in modern technological startups and Information Technologies is comprehensive and intricate.

I am a regular guest on Jarosław Wolski's YouTube channel. I also write about AI on Twitter.

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