Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Julien Topçu
I like to craft software with high business value using techniques from Domain-Driven Design, all powered by Xtreme Programming in the Kanban #NoEstimates philosophy. Member of the OWASP foundation, I evangelise on application security techniques in order to avoid being hacked properly.

It is very difficult today to deploy an application on the web without dealing with OAuth2. Designed to better protect users, this authorization delegation protocol has become a standard in the industry.

However, haven't you cried trying to understand the concepts of OAuth2? Let's be honest, this is quite easy to get lost between the different roles and the multitude of flows of this protocol. And its complexity has discouraged more than one! However we can't deliver without it, so we try to setup some OAuth flow and usually... this is really painful.

But don't worry, whether you have a tech profile or not, this talk will help you to finally understand the intricacies of OAuth simply, including the new version 2.1, using analogies from everyday life!

REST next level : Crafting domain-driven web APIs
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 2

You have just coded your business logic by applying the principles of Domain-Driven Design! But when comes the time to write your API, you are facing a serious issue! All the intention and the expression of your domain go up in smoke to fit the blankness methods GET, POST, etc.

Denatured by the REST layer, the business workflow is then deported on the consumer side to compensate for the limited vocabulary of this well-known CRUD protocol...

During this talk, we will see how to bring the business intent back inside the REST API by finally being able to expose our domain services and aggregates' methods. The business workflow will also be encapsulated in the REST API in order to have the power to guide our consumers through the workflow of our domain.


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