Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Bartłomiej Żyliński
I'm a Software Engineer with industry experience in designing and implementing complex applications and systems, mostly where it's not visible to users - at the backend. I'm a self-taught developer and a hands-on learner, constantly working towards expanding my knowledge further. I contribute to several open source projects, my main focus being sttp (where you can see my contributions on the project's Github). I appreciate the exchange of technical know-how - which is expressed by my various publications found on Medium and DZone, and appearances at top tech conferences and meetups, including Devoxx Belgium. I enjoy exploring topics that combine software engineering and mathematics. In my free time, I like to read a good book.
Math Behind Software
Quickie (BEGINNER level)
Room 3

Be aware: it's mostly theoretical math here!

But math is an essential part of our everyday work as software engineers, so it's worth having a closer look at what the math behind software is.

This presentation is focused on the concept of vacuous truth and how it can impact our work.

The talk opens with an intro on how and where math intersects with software development and moves on to defining vacuous truth exactly and a brief explanation of why calling .allMatch on empty Stream will always return true.


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