Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Technical Hiring in 2023
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On top of an already very dense talent market, remote work is now generalized and the competition is global to attract qualified candidates. More than ever, the interview process can make or break an engineering team. And since we have an infinite number of ways of evaluating developers during a recruitment process, isn't there anything better than 6 identical whiteboard interviews in a row?

In this conference, we will discuss how the average interview process is filled with bias and frustration for candidates and interviewers, and how to fix them in a few easy steps.

Mathis Hammel

Mathis Hammel is a tech evangelist at CodinGame, a website specialized in mini-games to learn programming. He is a specialist and technical advisor in cybersecurity, machine learning, and algorithms.

Mathis is passionate about technical challenges such as programming competitions and Capture The Flag, and holds several titles from national and international championships.

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