Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Getting Started with Spring Boot Starter GraphQL and Apollo
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
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What is GraphQL? Is it for the backend, frontend, or both? Why use GraphQL over REST APIs? GraphQL is better at querying multiple databases, offers an easy-to-learn syntax, and allows you to retrieve only the data you need. Learn when you should migrate from REST to GraphQL and how to convert your REST API add, update, and delete operations into GraphQL mutations.

I will start by explaining what GraphQL is and its benefits. Show you how GraphQL is being done in the backend using Spring Boot 3.0 with the release of spring-boot-starter-graphql and how to use GraphQL in the frontend using the popular library Apollo.

Devlin Duldulao

Co-authored the Packt book Full-Stack Web Development with Spring Boot and Angular; Devlin has been using Angular to build web apps and mobiles for their customers for years. He has been a Microsoft MVP and an on-site Angular trainer for 5 years.

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