Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Java - Parallel Programming is Hard
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 2
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Ever asked yourself why you cannot utilize all the cores you got? There is also a NullPointerException that comes up once a week and nobody knows why? Parallel programming is hard, not only in Java, and this talk wants to explain why and increase the overall awareness for hidden problems.


Most people get parallel programming and shared state management wrong. Java is a more classic language that gives you nails and a hammer, not absolute solutions. But, most people don't even know, has set a strong standard for the parallel behavior - the Java Memory Model. On one hand, this leaves room for mistakes, but also allows one to leverage the underlying platform more efficiently. 

This talk provides insights into how Java deals with concurrency, why many developer assumptions are wrong, and what optimizations are applied to code to make it run fast while still obeying the limits of the spec. It is all about understanding the hardware, despite using a high-level language.

Some examples will also motivate to leave concurrent programming to the experts, leverage libraries instead of trying an implementation, and to apply caution when reviewing code.

René Schwietzke
Xceptance GmbH

René Schwietzke is the Managing Director of Xceptance, based in Germany and the US. As co-founder, he has played a major role in shaping the company’s profile, including the continuous evaluation and development of their test tools and services.

Almost two decades ago, René started with Java version 1.0 and has since then gained extensive experience in performance tuning and performance measurements. Working for various e-commerce and quality assurance companies, he became an expert in performance testing and tuning large-scale applications.

René holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and likes to share his knowledge by giving university lectures. He is a regular speaker at international software development conferences and gives training talks on Java, GC and memory management, as well as quality assurance and testing.

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