Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

The Anatomy of Java Instrumentation
Conference (ADVANCED level)
Room 2
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In this talk, we will perform a detailed dissection of the OpenTelemetry Java agent instrumentation framework. We will explore the connective tissue that binds the agent to an application’s behavior and learn how observable telemetry is created automatically. With this new understanding as our scalpel, we will slice into an example library to create a brand new instrumentation.

Jason Plumb

Jason Plumb (he/him) is a hacker, artist, experimenter, polyglot programmer, and dad from Portland, OR, USA. His 25 years of developer experience span across a diverse collection of unrelated markets, ranging from the startup to the enterprise. He is currently specializing in open source software observability and telemetry systems, with a specific focus on Java instrumentation. He is a contributor to the OpenTelemetry community project.

When not at work, Jason volunteers with Futel to install and maintain a network of free public payphones. He is passionate about experimental sound and builds synthesizers to create drone and noise music. You might also catch him at a screening of a cult classic film or clocking miles on a steel-frame bicycle.

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