Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Testing untestable - patterns and use cases analysis
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 2
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During my journey as a programmer, trainer and mentor I have encountered multiple situations when my colleagues or myself encountered difficult to test code. Some of these situations were nearly identical for multiple people, some of them not. In this talk I will show how you can simplify your application and open it up for testing by analysing encountered use cases with applied solutions.

Knowledge of OOP, Onion Architecture, Java (and the JUnit ) or Java like language, and experience in writing unit, integration and end to end tests is recommended before joining session.

After this talk you will know:

  • What is the gray area of tests.
  • Know strategies to test problematic classes. 
  • Test integration with external libraries and frameworks and services
  • How to effectively use Fakes.
  • What to mock and what not to mock.
  • How to test multithreaded application. 
  • How encapsulating an application into a single domain object will simplify testing. 
  • Speed up integration tests.
  • How to test time dependent code. 
  • How to test no visible effect action 
  • How to test fault tolerance and resilience
  • How to reuse Unit Acceptance Tests as integration or API tests
  • Why use Property Based Testing for Value Objects. 
  • Strategies for testing mutable objects. 
  • How to test persistance 
  • Do I need to test logging? 
  • How to test async code. 
  • Useful testing heuristic. 
  • Alternative for performance tests. 
  • How and why to test mutability and equals contracts.
  • Do I need tests for DTO objects?
Piotr Stawirej
Pragmatic Brains/Bottega IT Minds

Piotr Stawirej - if you haven't met him yet, he is a true fanatic of clean code, obsessed with TDD, a promoter of agile methods in IT project management, and a believer that only a professional approach to every aspect of life is the path to success.

Over the course of his more than 15-year adventure with companies involved in creating maps, navigation, and transactional systems (TeleAtlas, TomTom), as well as tools for remote training (Pragmatic Brains), Piotr has become a mentor to many younger colleagues and a domain expert. In parallel, as of 2018, Piotr has been conducting training as a trainer for Bottega IT Minds. As a programmer, he prioritizes clean design regardless of the programming language or technology being used. He is an opponent of the cargo cult in all of its manifestations. He demands more from his colleagues and even more from himself. He infects others with his passion, professionalism, and sophisticated sense of humour.

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