Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Meet Your New BFF: Backend to Frontend without the Duct Tape
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room 4A
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Even with all of the incredible frameworks available today vs. a decade ago (or even two––for devs who have been around as long as I have), it still feels like much of our work as fullstack developers is still repetitive, and held together by duct tape code we shouldn’t be writing.  

This is because we write a lot of duplicate and boilerplate code for everyday things such as simple database CRUD, data validation, authorization, and data-type conversions, but the majority of these tasks haven’t advanced at the pace of modern web architecture.  

In this live coding session we'll turn a front-end React app into a fullstack app with code that is easy to write, follow, and, most importantly - maintain with end-to-end typesafety (say no to GraphQL!), consistent and encapsulated validations, live querying, access control, secured APIs, you get the idea. You’ll come away from this session able to build apps for modern web architecture while still maintaining our code DRY and increase productivity while you’re at it through a fully open source and common React/Typescript stack.

Noam Honig
Firefly Migration

Coder, open-sourcerer, developer experience enthusiast, software architect, and entrepreneur. At work, I oversee and consult in enterprise legacy systems modernization for fortune 500s to small businesses. Outside work I love helping NGOs as a full-stack developer and mentor.

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