Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

From Nix to Docker - Everything You Need to Know About Polyglot Package Management
Tools-in-Action (BEGINNER level)
Room 3
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Docker has become the nearly de facto way to package and ship software in modern engineering organizations. However once in a container, code is quite hard to get out.

Containers are great for when you’re ready to ship code, however there are better and more efficient ways to package, reuse, reproduce, share and collaborate on code before deploying to production.

This talk will walk through a side-by-side comparison of best practices for creating and managing containers, one of the most popular ways to package and ship code today, compare the different paradigms, and provide some tips and tricks made possible with open source tooling that will unleash cross-language and cross-machine portability for any software stack.

Rok Garbas

Rok is an Engineer at flox and a member of NixOS Marketing team.

Rok's journey started with many years of freelance work with Python and DevOps. Not being happy with the state of package management at the time, he found Nix in 2010 and has been a user, a contributor and an advocate since than.

Wherever he worked he put users first, either as a Release Engineer at Mozilla or as a consultant at Tweag. UX/DX became the language to "talk" to the users. Knowing that communicating the ideas is as important as having the technical skill is what makes Rok stand out. Understanding users and knowing how to talk to them is what brings smile to Rok's face everyday.

Rok these days likes to tinker with Rust and is still excited when things work.

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