Krakow, Poland, 31 May - 2 June 2023

Story of the green chair
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When people leave a project their knowledge and context leave with them. Over the course of the presentation, I will tell you what we can do about this to avoid the awkward shrug of the shoulders with "that's pretty much how it's done in our organization" or "there was an important argument, but I can't remember what it was". If you want to find out what the green chair is all about, then I invite you to my talk 🙂

Sebastian Rabiej

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by programming languages and everything related to them. Creating something from "nothing" is exciting enough that I decided to tie my career to it. I have been working as a developer for more than 8 years. I am still searching for the answer to the question "what does it mean to be a professional". I am searching for the answer with Softwaremill, the company I currently work with remotely. I am enthusiastic about clean code, programmer craftsmanship, and agile methodologies.

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